Using Postmark

When you write a post on your site, and hit ‘publish’ an automatic email goes out to your users and subscribers on the site, this is called a ‘transactional email’. We use a specific email delivery service which allows us to monitor emails from the site; not the content, just that they’re going where they should and aren’t bouncing or that you’ve not been given an incorrect email. We used to use Mandrill, which you would have probably set up on your site. However in the way a lot of things go, we have found a better service which is more in line with what you use your parish sites for.

It’s called Postmark and this is how you should set it up on your parish site.

We will be disconnecting Mandrill from all the parish sites, so it’s advisable to get this set up as soon as you can. Please send me an email ( if you’re having trouble and we can go through it together.

Firstly, you will need to go to your site dashboard, scroll down to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Postmark’ from the dropdown menu:
Setting up Postmark

You will need to fill in the form and check the checkboxes on this page:
Enable sending emails using Postmark – Yes.
The API key is as follows 30636c0e-afc8-4492-80ae-0efa91dfe5f2 – I suggest you copy and paste it rather than type it – as sometimes the O and 0 get mixed up.
Then you need to make sure the email address for the site is set up – you’re welcome to use the ‘‘ email if you don’t feel comfortable using your own email.
Force HTML – Yes
Track Opens – Yes

Send a test email, to make sure it all works and is set up correctly:
Send a test email

Check you recieved the email in your email browser:
Check you recieved the email

I will then be able to check that it’s worked – I’ll be able to spot spam and emails that bounce and aren’t going out – which will enable us to make sure nothing is getting lost or not getting sent out.
Check its working on Postmark

I hope this was helpful. Once Mandrill has been disconnected all mail from your site will be going out unchecked unless you have Postmark set up, so we advise you to set up Postmark as soon as you can and remember you can contact me if you need any help.

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