Using Jetpack

We noticed that the Subscribe2 plugin has been getting a lot of spam recently, which isn’t great for you. We do however already have a nice plugin on the site ready to replace it with, which lets people sign up, using their email.

Setting up subscription:

1. Firstly you’ll need to log in to your site. Once you’re in you should see a ‘Jetpack’ option on the sidebar, if you don’t you’ll need to activate the plugin (click here for instructions).

2. After you’ve activated the plugin and signed in to Jetpack, click on Jetpack on the sidebar.

Activate Jetpack email subscriptions

3. Once Jetpack is setup, go to Widgets in the sidebar, and drag the ‘Blog Subscription’ widget to the Widget area. Ideally, you’ll remove the Subscribe2 plugin and replace it with the ‘Blog Subscription’ one. You can edit the text in the fields of the blog ‘Widget title’ etc. Then click save.

Use Jetpack subscribers in Widgets

4. Next you’ll want to check it’s up and running, and looks correct. Do a test, use your email address to see if it works.

Check subscription widget is working on front end

5. You should see a ‘thank you’ message and receive the email in the inbox of whatever email you used to set up Jetpack with. And that’s it. You can view the subscribers on the Jetpack Settings page ‘View your Email Followers’.

Test the subscription widget works with an email

Add the option for users to ‘like’ your posts:

If you use the internet often, you may notice that most sites have an option to ‘like’ or ‘thumbs up’ or ‘heart’ different pieces of content. You can now do that with your site – using Jetpack. Activating this will allow you to see what pieces people enjoy reading and looking at on your parish site. 

1. Log in, go to your dashboard and click on ‘Jetpack’ – ‘Settings’ on the sidebar, then the ‘Sharing’ menu. Here you will need to decide which platforms you’d like people to be able to share on. 

Activate Likes in Jetpack sharing

2. Once this is done, click on ‘Settings’ on the sidebar, and ‘Sharing’. Here you will need to decide which platforms you’d like people to be able to share on. 

Sharing setup social media links

3. Go to a page or a post, and check that the likes are on – you’ll be able to see in a post how many likes that post has.

Sharing setup social media links

4. Check how it looks on the front of the site

Sharing like and follow on frontend

5. To view all your likes, go back to the dashboard of the site and look at the Jetpack ‘Site stats’. 

view your parish site likes in backend

Hope this was useful, if you’d like to remove the ‘sharing’ option, just deactivate it from Jetpack settings. You can view all this information on the website if you’d prefer – click here to see it. 

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