Widgets allow you to add content and functionality to your site’s sidebars (and sometimes, footer) without having to know a thing about programming.  If you can drag and drop stuff, you can handle widgets.

You can access the Widgets page from

  1. the Appearance menu in the left navigation sidebar
  2. the Appearance hanging tab from the top Admin bar

Adding Widgets

WordPress includes many Widgets with an installation.  (More can be added by installing Plugins.)

To add a Widget, drag it from the Available Widgets or Inactive Widgets area on the left into the Sidebar area on the right. Jiggle it around a bit until you see a dotted box appear, then drop it. Likewise, you can change the order of a Widget by dragging and dropping it to a different location in the sidebar.

Configuring a Widget’s settings

Each Widget has configuration options.

Click the dropdown triangle on the upper right corner of a Widget‘s pane and the options specific to that Widget will display.  Make any changes, click the Save button, and then click the Close link to minimize the options pane.

Removing Widgets

To remove a Widget from the sidebar without saving its settings, click the Delete link in the options dropdown box. To remove a Widget from the sidebar and retain its settings, click and drag it to the Inactive Widgets area on the lower left side of the page.

Tutorial by Griff Wigley, Instructor
WordPress for Newbies (next online course begins 16 May, 2011)

3 Responses to Widgets

  1. watlingtonhall says:

    Having set up a Google Events Calendar Link, I can’t get any events to show. The name of the Calendar shows but that’s it. I have made the calendar public and used the XML address on the google site.

  2. tlscott says:

    I have the same problem. Have tried embedding the Google calendar straight into a page but that does not work either

  3. Admin - Wormegay Parish Council says:

    Should the Google calendar widget be working? I thought it was a couple of months ago, but it isn’t now.

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