Jetpack: See how many people visit your site

We’ve installed a nice new plugin on the Norfolk Parishes website. It’s called Jetpack.

Jetpack is a bundle plugin which allows you to add a few different features to your WordPress site. One of the key features in Jetpack is Site Stats.

A plugin is a tool for your site, it will add extra features and extend the functionality of your site. For example, if you want a tagcloud on one page, or a slideshow of images, you can find a plugin that will allow you to add that feature without having to build it yourself.

1. On your dashboard, you’ll see (on the lefthand taskbar) a button that says ‘plugins‘.


2. Once you click on that, it’ll take you to a page, where you’ll see all the plugins your site has installed. Some will be active, some will be deactivated. You will see ‘Jetpack by‘ – activate this!


3. A banner message will appear at the top of the page saying “Your Jetpack is almost ready – A connection to is needed to enabled features like Comments, Stats, Contact Forms, and Subscriptions. Connect now to get fueled up!”  – you will need to click “connect to WordPress“.


4. This will take you to a page where you will need to put your site username and password in. If you don’t have a WordPress account, just click on ‘Need an account?’ (skip to 9. if you already have an account).


5. Which will take you to a registration page, don’t worry – it’s completely painless. Fill it in, and remember to keep note of your login details.


6. Submit the information.


7. After you’ve done that, you’ll need to wait for your ‘activation’ email (mine took a couple of minutes, check your spam folder if it hasn’t turned up). Open the email, and click ‘Activate Account’!


8. This will take you back to the ‘Jetpack‘ authorization page. Click on ‘Authorize Jetpack‘!


9. Once you’ve clicked on ‘Authorize Jetpack’, you’ll be taken back to your WordPress site backend dashboard – where you’ll see the new ‘Jetpack’ plugin options.


10. You should also now see a new ‘Jetpack‘ option in the left hand toolbar, you’ll need to activate the stats. So find the Stats button – click activate – if it doesn’t take you through to the configuration, click  on ‘configure‘ next.


11. Make sure you check all the same boxes (Admin bar – Check, Registered users – Check, Smiley – Check). And you’re done. Check your stats by viewing the stats bar, in the ‘Jetpack‘ dropdown menu.

4 Responses to Jetpack: See how many people visit your site

  1. paulblencowe says:

    I am unable to install jetpack on the this website
    can you help

  2. ash says:

    i start using jetpack last week after reading your article and its way better than other plugins ,Thanks for sharing

  3. Joe Byden says:

    Actually Jetpack is excellent plugins and great works !!!!!! Thanks you for sharing this plugins news….

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