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Administrators vs Editors

There are two types of people who can control your site:  Administrators and Editors. Administrators can control almost all aspects of the site such as design, menus, widgets, decide which “plug-ins” are used and can Add New Users.

Not everyone wants that level of control and it is good to spread the load of writing and maintaining your website.  That’s where Editors come in.  Editors can create new posts and pages and add links.  They can also approve comments.

Creating New Users

After logging in:


  1. Click the Add New under the Users menu in the left hand column

  1. Choose a Username – this needs to be lowercase letters and numbers only – no spaces. This is also permanent and cannot be changed.  Don’t worry too much you can change what appears on the site to be something else in the User profile.
  2. Enter the user’s email address
  3. Choose their role – administrators have more control than editors.  If the person is not confident of using the internet then it is best to make them an editor. Subscribers are not able to do anything on the site.
  4. Do NOT Skip Confirmation Email – the system will send an email to the new user letting them know that their account has been created and will let them choose a password.  All done.

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