Subscribe2 Fix: using Mandrill Plugin

Subscribe2 is great, but sometimes it decides that it doesn’t want to send out emails, or that it thinks your emails might be spam. So we have created a nifty work around, which will allow Subscribe2 to work a lot more fluidly.

There are a couple of steps. I have already set up Mandrill as a plugin on your site. Now you will need to make sure it’s all linked and working. Leave me a comment or email me if you have any trouble and we can go over it.


First you’ll need to check that Mandrill is working on your site. It should be in the Settings sidebar. Click Mandrill.


  1. If it’s not you might need to visit your plugins on the sidebar. Find ‘wpMandrill’ and active it.


2. Go to the Mandrill settings in ‘Settings’ on the sidebar, and put in the API Key (the API key: hrkR8gjBtMtJlXthOzw_tg) – Save Changes.


3. Once you click ‘Save Changes’ the page will update and you can fill in the details.
FROM name‘ can be the name of your Parish.
For the ‘FROM email‘ please make sure you use ‘’
‘Reply-to Email’ – can be your email address, or the email address you’re happy for your subscribers to reply to.

Make sure you select ‘Norfolk’ from the template list.


4. Go to ‘Add New User’ in Users on the sidebar.
You will need to add the user ‘‘ to your site. This user already exists, so you just have to add them to your parish. The user is ‘norfolkparishes’ and the email is

In the ’email’ field type ‘‘. When you click ‘Add Existing User’ it will say ‘User has been added to your site’ – you can see if it worked by clicking ‘Users’ and looking for the user ‘norfolkparishes’ in your user list.

If there is an option to ‘Skip Confirmation‘ do that, if there isn’t it should still work – but get in touch if it doesn’t work.


5. Go to the Subscribe2 ‘Your Subscriptions’ tab in ‘Subscribe2’. Select ‘Receive email as HTML – Full’ and update your preferences.


6. Then got to Settings in Subscribe2, here you will need to change the ‘Restrict the number of recipients per email to 1’. Edit it, then update.

Then scroll down, and if you managed to add the norfolkparishes user correctly, you should see ‘norfolkparishes’ in the drop down – select this user, and click ‘Submit’.

This simply means that you’re sending out your emails from a legit email address, which will prevent Subscribe2 from marking it as spam, which was one of the causes of why none of your posts were being sent out to your subscribers.


7. Finally, click on the ‘Appearance’ tab along the top of the page of the Subscribe2 settings, and make sure your Default page has been set up. You might need to make a page. Just a simple ‘Thank you for signing up to our parish subscription’ – this is where users are taken once they sign up to your newsletter.


It’s always wise to have a spare email address that isn’t being used on the site, to test with, signing up, and receiving the posts – but it should be working perfectly!

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