Adding or Removing the PDF Embedder

PDF Embedder is a plugin which you can use to display PDFs on your pages, so they look like visual document rather than a url link.

1. When you write your post or page click on ‘Add Media’ to add your PDF document.

2. Select the PDF or if you haven’t uploaded it, drag it into the area – and it will upload. Then click the blue ‘Insert into page’ button.
3. If the PDF Embedder is activated on your site, it will generate a strange line of code, even if you remove the code, and just leave the url in, it will still automatically format it using the PDF Embedder – click preview to see how it looks on the front end of the site.

4. This is how it will display to the public visiting the site – this is what the PDF Embedder does – it generates the PDF on the page for everyone to see and use. If you’re happy with this, leave it as it is. If you want to remove it, continue reading below..

5. Go back to the back end of the site, click on ‘Plugins’ – this is where a lot of the mechanics of the site are listed. You will need to ‘Deactivate’ the PDF Embedder plugin.

6. Visit the post or page that you had added your PDF to – you may need to remove the code that the PDF Embedder generated, and re-add your PDF (if you click on ‘Add Media’ your PDF should be there already, as you’ve uploaded it once). Once you’ve ‘Inserted into Page’ you should see a link to your PDF in the page window.
pdf67. Click on ‘Preview’ to see how the PDF looks to the public, now you have removed the PDF Embedder.

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