Adding a Link

If you want to add a link (sometimes called a hyperlink URL) to a post or page, you’ll first need to visit the page / post you’d like to put a link in. The url will look like this –

1. Find the ‘Page’ section on the toolbar.

adding a link 1

2. Select and highlight the text you’d like to make a link. Then click the ‘link’ icon button.

adding a link 2

3. Once you’ve clicked the link button, a popup will appear and you’ll be able to add the URL (the location where you’d like the user to go when they click on the link text).

adding a link 3

4. One you’ve clicked ‘save link’ it will show you what the link looks like on the page.

adding a link 4

5. Make sure you click ‘Update’ the page – then you can view the page on the site.

adding a link 5


Adding a Media File as a link:

Adding a Media File link

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