Why aren’t we at the top of the Google search for our village?

We were recently asked by a parish council why the old site they had was at the top of Google results for their parish council.

The answer is really simple. Publish more. Google loves fresh, relevant content. Sites that regularly put up new posts with the key words, e.g. YourVillage Parish Council, will appear higher in Google results.

Don’t rely on uploading Minutes of meeting in Word documents.  Google doesn’t rate them as highly as normal HTML web pages.

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  1. Terry says:

    Hi. I would be interested to know whether anybody here has experience of recovering from being ‘Blacklisted’ by the search engines. Until a week ago our site was appearing in Google etc. Now we appear to have been black-listed:

    I am sure this is the result of malicious work from the former webmaster for the village, judging from the rather hostile email received from him this week. Unfortunately, I cannot resubmit the site to Google et al for reconsideration as I cannot add the site to my Webmaster account.


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