How do I make it clear what files are embedded on a post?

When we transferred files from the old websites to the new, we didn’t have the time to name each one fully, or give it a caption when uploading them.  You may find some files in a post or page that aren’t clearly named, and want to change this.

For example an document named m21311.doc, gives no clue as to what the document contains, but giving it an appropriate title such as “Parish Council Meeting Minutes 21 March 2011” will make much more sense to your visitors.

To make any changes to any files you upload you can use the Media Library.  After anything has been uploaded via WordPress, you are able to view these again in the Media Library.

The Media Library can be accessed by the left Dashboard’s menu, Media menu and Library submenu.

Here you can view and edit certain things about the files if any changes need to be made.

By clicking on a file you are able to change its title, alternate text, caption, and description.

What are the options?

Title – this is what appears when you hover over a file.

Caption – this appears below the file in a gallery or on the post

Description – this appears below the file on attachment page

Once you’ve made your changes click the Update Media button at the bottom of the page and move on to the next.

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