How to create a Google account and calendar

To keep your residents up to date with events and important dates you may want a calendar to easily display information of when and where. Google supplies an easy to use calendar which all you need to use on your website is a Google account.

There are many benefits to having a Google account:-

  • you can set up an excellent modern email system with good spam filtering,
  • a more professional impression than Yahoo or Hotmail,
  • an online ID that can be used to sign up for other sites such as Flickr
  • other Google applications you will have access to are the calendar, RSS reader and an easy document sharing system.

You can sign up for a new Google account here:

A good username would be [YOURPARISH], this can then be professionally used by the parish clerk.

Once your account has been activated you can navigate to the calendar page here:, or on the Google homepage under “more” at the top of the page.

1.  Create new events here.
2.  Here you can scroll through the months and select days for more information.
3.  This is where you can change your calendar settings.
4.  You can change the view of your calendar here.

Creating an Event

Creating an event is very simple, with options to repeat the event, such as Parish Council meetings.

1.  The event title that will appear on the calendar, for example Parish Council Meeting.
2.  The date and time the event will take place.
3.  Tick boxes for an all day event or options to repeat the event.

You can also specify where the event will take place and any description of the event may be entered.

To repeat an event, click the repeat tick box to bring up a pop up in the middle of the screen where you can choose how to repeat the event.

You can choose anything from a daily event to a yearly event, which days (for a weekly event), or which day of the month or week (for a monthly event) the event will happen.

Calendar Settings

Setting up the calendar to allow it to be displayed on your website.

Click the drop down arrow next to your calendar, select Calendar settings.

Details of the calendar will be displayed, here you can change the name, add a description, and add a location.  There are also tabs for sharing the calendar and personal notifications for you about events.

For the calendar to be able to be displayed on your website you will need to make it public.  This can be done by going to “Share this Calendar” and checking the tick box.  After clicking save you will get a warning message, selecting “Yes” will make your calendar public.

Read this to embed your calendar in your website.

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