How to set up a Flickr account

For an easy way to store and share any photos you may want uploaded to your website, Flickr is a good website to use.

Navigate to and at the upper right of the page, Create Your Account. If you have a Yahoo, Google or Facebook account, you can sign into Flickr with them, or create a new account.  This is another benefit to having a Google account which has been talked about in this training for calendars.

1. This upload link will always be at the top of the page to easily upload any new photos. 2. A set of photos can be used as an album, for example, of a certain event held in your parish. This link lets you view your sets and share them. 3. Tags are used to always be able to find photos of the same event quickly by searching the tag. Clicking this link will show you all of your tags. It is best to use common tags for photos you want to appear together, as later in WordPress the tags will need to be used.


To add sets you need to click the link under “Organize & Create”, this will bring you to the Sets page.

1. Drag a photo here to be the sets front cover. 2. The name and description of the set. 3. All your photos will be displayed in the bottom bar, simply drag and drop the photos you wish to be in the set.

1. From this menu you can see all your sets, and be able to share them from this screen. 2. You can access the slideshow of your set here which gives links to embed the slideshow on your website or a direct URL by clicking Share in the top right hand corner.


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