Embedding a Flickr slideshow in the sidebar

With a Flickr account set up with photos you can now add a galley or slideshow to the sidebar, post or page.

1.  You need to activate the Flickr plugin within WordPress by going to the Plugin menu on the left.
2.  Click activate under the Slickr Flickr plugin to enable the use of Flickr slideshows and galleries.

You will need to enter your Flickr ID number so the plugin knows where the photos are.

1.  Click the Slickr Flickr submenu under the Settings menu.
2.  Enter your Flickr account ID using the link above the text box.  Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.

1.  Navigate to the Widgets page through the left menu under Appearance.
2.  Drag the text widget from the left to the widget area on the right.

In this widget you need to enter some simple code, slickr-flickr needs to be enclosed in square brackets [ ]:

slickr-flickr tag=”photos” type=”slideshow”

In place of photos you need to enter the tag of your photos that you wish to be displayed.
To define if it will be a slideshow or gallery, you need to use the code:
type=”slideshow” or type=”gallery”

For a post or page the same code needs to simply be entered where ever you want the gallery or slideshow to appear.

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