Displaying a Google Calendar on your Website

In WordPress, clicking the Widgets submenu in the left Dashboard’s Appearance menu, gives you the option to add or remove sidebar items, or Widgets, already covered in this training here: http://project.norfolkparishes.org.uk/training/widgets/.

From the selection of Widgets on the left, drag Google Calendar into one of the Widget areas to the right.  Give the calendar a name that will appear on your website and choose how many results to display.

The final thing to do is to insert the calendar URL which you must get from from the calendar settings back on Google. Towards the bottom of the page click on the XML button to bring up the calendar URL which you need to copy, and paste into Calendar URL 1 section in WordPress.

At the end of the URL you will notice the word basic, this needs to be changed to full for the calendar to display properly.

Click save to finish the process.

3 Responses to Displaying a Google Calendar on your Website

  1. Su says:

    This is no longer working – possibly due to Google’s change to API3. Can this be fixed, or is there an alternative?

  2. Su says:

    The Sample site appears to use an iframe within a text widget for getting an event calendar for Google. When I have tried adding an iframe into a text widget, it doesn’t work – when I save it the iframe tags disappear and I am left with an empty text box. Adding other HTML (, etc appears to work OK). Is there a restriction on using within a text box?

  3. Shane McCracken says:

    Sorry not to reply sooner.

    Google changed their calendar API – the interface that lets this site talk to your calendar on their server. The plugin has been updated but you now need a Google API key.

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