Why allow Comments?

Comments are switched on by default on your website. But don’t worry.  It’s not about to make your site like Facebook with strangers posting abuse for all and sundry to see.  The first thing to remember is that you are in control. If you don’t want someone commenting on the site you simply don’t approve their comments.

It is also possible to stop comments on new posts and on existing posts.  Follow the links to find out how.

BUT, before you do that consider the benefits of comments:

  • If a resident has a question, the chances are that others will also have the question.  Let people comment and answer their questions and it will save you time answering their questions via email or over the phone
  • Build community spirit. A resident asking a question might get their questions answered by another resident.  You’re giving a chance for conversations to develop that might not otherwise happen.  This is a good thing.
  • You won’t be swamped. Approving (or deleting) is a single click. It is quick and easy. Certainly quicker and easier than answered an email or the phone. And if you find yourself with lots of comments then you can be proud that you are engaging with your residents.
  • People are nice. You’re as likely to get compliments as complaints.

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