Disabling Comments

Comments for Posts and Pages are a fantastic way for residents to give their thoughtquiclly and easily, helping decisions and giving ideas to the council.

However if you feel a certain Post or Page, or even your entire site should not have comments, here are the steps to take to turn off comments.

For existing Posts and Pages, you must disable comments manually for each one.  This can be done by going to edit the Post or Page and finding the Discussion module, which if is not visible on the screen will need to be selected in the Screen Options.

1. In the upper right of the screen beneath your username is a screen options tab, click to expand. 2. The Discussion tick box needs to be ticked, this will show the Discussions module on screen below the editor.


In the Discussions module will be a tick box for Allow comments, untick this box. Trackbacks and Pingbacks are a way of showing where people have linked to your site from. Untick that box too and click update on the Publish module to finish.

For all new posts or pages to be created in the future to not have comments, go to the Discussion submenu, within the Settings menu to the left.

1.  The Discussion submenu.
2.  This tick box needs to be unchecked, then you need to click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.  This will disable comments on all new Posts and Pages.

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