Posts vs Pages and the Sidebar

There are three elements to your WordPress site.  Posts, pages and the Sidebar.


You might find posts and pages slightly confusing at first. For example this page is a post

It looks just like a page, but it is different in that we can also display posts as part of other pages. For example this news post also appears on the home page of the site because our home pages have been set up to show a list of news posts.

Generally it is a good idea to use posts for content that will date, like news, or of which part may change, like Councillors. On your site each of your councillors will have a short post and clicking the Councillors item in the menu will list each of those.

Why is this a good idea? It allows you and other sites to link more directly to information. For example you might want to say in a news post that Cllr Smith is leading a project, and now you can link directly to their information rather than a page on which they are one small part. Another example might be the local paper wanting to provide a link to the news announcement you posted on the site about the Fair Trade week being organised.


Some content doesn’t change and it is handy to be able to publish that as a page.  A page will have a shorter web address and is easier to create as a menu option. That’s why in our Sample site we’ve created a Ward Map page.  More about how we did that later.


The Sidebar sits on all pages and posts.  It is a place to put things your visitors might find interesting even if it isn’t the main reason for their visit. This section is very flexible.  It consists of a series of “widgets”. Each widget contains a different piece of information. You can change the content and the order of any widget.


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