About the NorfolkParishes Project

The old and the new. The new is on the right!

After many years we’re updating the Norfolk Parishes website service and we would like your feedback on our plans.
We are moving all the sites to a Content Management System called WordPress. WordPress is the world’s most widely used web publishing system. Compared to the current system it is:

On Monday March 28th we will change some settings which means after a short period you and your residents will see a newly designed site with all the content you had on it previously. It will be as easy and painless a process as is possible. We have created a sample site demonstrating how the site works.

We really want to hear from parish clerks and you can leave comments either on this site or on the sample site to let us know what could be improved and what you do and don’t like.

On this site you will find more information about the project, the new sites, the benefits of the new system and how to log onto the Sandbox – a site specially set up for clerks to practice using the new system.

9 Responses to About the NorfolkParishes Project

  1. Tim Peers says:

    I have just had a circular delivered through my letterbox from my local parish council at Shouldham. It says I can find copies of the Parish Council Minutes on your Website. I initially tried the web address provided on the circular. This came back negative. I then went on your website and searched “Shouldham” this came back negative.

  2. What on earth is this site? Why are there no parishes on it? Is it in use at all? If not should it not be taken down?

  3. I have a problem when using my lapto to amend/update my councils websites on WordPress, so I thought I’d try signing in on my iPad, but I always get the “too many redirects” error message. Why?

    • modemily says:

      Hi Julian,

      Are you still having trouble? I took a look at both your sites, and they worked for me:

      Sometimes it happens on Safari on iPads, they suggest:
      1. Safari, choose Safari > Preferences.
      2. Click the Privacy icon to view Privacy settings.
      3. Click the Details button that appears under the Remove All Website Data button.
      4. Search for the name of the website that you are trying to view.
      5. Click the Remove button.
      6. Close the Safari Preferences window.

      If the issue continues, repeat the steps without searching for a specific website. Click the Remove All Website Data button to remove all of your cookies and cache files. If this does not resolve the issue, contact the owner of the website you’re trying to view for additional help.

      I hope some of this helps.


  4. roudhamandlarlingpc says:


    I will try this, but can I ask you also about the problem I have with the operation of the site on my laptop.

    Many of the windows do not appear as I believe they should. If I could attach a screen print I would, so if you tell me an email address I’ll do that.
    But, if I click on (for example) Appearance/Header the window I get has a section on the left which lists among other things, Site identity, Colours, Header Image. The top of this section, though, is a complete mess, as there are two or three things on top of each other. One reads “The customiser allows you to preview changes to your site before publishing …”, but the second line (starting “to your …” is over printed with “While you can crop images …”
    The next line seems to be three different texts over printed, so it is impossible to work out what any of thew words say! It looks like the security printing you find on the inside of envelopes!
    I have sent Hellen Carrier, of Norfolk Association of Local Councils, copies of some of the defective screen prinys which she told me she would ask you about, but that was over two weeks ago, and I’ve not heard anything back from her yet.
    Can you help?


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